The Institute for County Government

Florida commissioners hold a unique elected position as a leader of their local community. Under the State’s constitution, county commissioners are part of the legislative and governing body for the jurisdiction they have been elected to represent. Moreover, commissioners are responsible for a broad range of services and functions that, among others, include levying taxes; regulating land use; building and maintaining roads; providing emergency response services; managing stormwater and solid waste facilities; and, creating affordable housing programs. While not an exhaustive list, it indicates that commissioners must have a working knowledge of an expansive list of issues. Interestingly, there are no training or education prerequisites to run and ultimately serve as a county commissioner.
Recognizing the need for basic and advanced training for elected officials, the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) created the Institute for County Government (ICG) nearly 30-years ago. With support from the University of Florida (IFAS), ICG offers numerous courses to enhance the leadership skills of commissioners.

ICG offers the following trainings: