County governments—along with municipal governments and special districts—are required by Part III of Chapter 218, Florida Statutes to report Annual Financial Reports to Florida's Department of Financial Services using uniform accounting practices and procedures. These reports include total revenues and expenditures for each local government, and represent fiscal years beginning October 1st of each year and ending the following September 30th.

In recent years, Public Safety has consistently edged out General Government as the broad category accounting for the highest portion of county government expenditures. In 2015-16, Public Safety was the only category that accounted for more than 20 percent of county government expenditures statewide. Nearly half of Public Safety expenditures pertained to law enforcement efforts, with almost the entire other half being split evenly between fire control and detention/corrections efforts. General Government services include legislative, executive, and financial and administrative efforts, as well as legal counsel, debt service payments, and pension benefits. The third largest "Other Uses and Non-Operating" category includes acquisitions, non-operating disbursements and expenses, and interfund transfers.

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