County officials recognize the importance of adequately providing for quality health and human services to protect and assist citizens in need. As a critical link in the federal/state/county human services partnership, counties must be included in formulating and implementing policies that protect the health, safety, and welfare of all the citizens of the state. Human Services programs serve the county’s needy and vulnerable populations and seek to provide the resources necessary to sustain a safe, decent and healthy quality of life.
In FY 2017, Human Services expenditures accounted for 7.99% of all statewide expenditures for Florida’s counties, the fourth smallest expenditure category. The statewide average percentage share was equal to 3.80%, when comparing Human Services expenses to all expenditures on a county-by-county basis. The total per capita spending for Human Services expenditures was equal to $172.37 per person statewide.

The majority of Human Services spending was concentrated within three expenditure categories statewide: Hospitals, Health, and Other Human Services expenditures. These two categories account for about 91% of total Human Services spending, $156.77 in per capita expenditures for FY 2017.
Over half of all Human Services expenditures (58.16%) were spent on Hospitals. The total per capita spending for Hospitals expenditures was $100.25. It should be noted for Hospitals spending, only 17 counties recorded an expenditure.

Health expenditures account for the second highest expenditure category at 16.85%, while Other Human Services expenditures follow at 15.94% of statewide Human Services expenditures. The total per capita spending for Health expenditures was $29.05 and $27.47 for Other Human Services expenditures. Health services include costs associated with the provision of nursing, dental, diagnostic, rehabilitation and other services for the care and treatment of the sick, and for the control and prevention of disease.
This category also includes costs related to Mosquito and Animal Control agencies. Additionally, Health Services include costs related to indigent health care.

The expenditure categories of Public Assistance, Mental Health, and Developmental Disabilities spending collectively accounted for 9.05% of the total Human Services expenditures. The total per capita spending for Public Assistance, Mental Health, and Developmental Disabilities was $12.60, $2.91, and $0.08 respectively.