ICG offers advanced leadership training through the ICG Leadership Forum. This leadership program is held in partnership with the University of Florida and designed to advance the skills of county officials to enable them to meet the unique challenges of their duties and to enhance their leadership skills and style.
ACC Level I
The Advanced County Commissioner (ACC) education program is an advanced leadership program designed for graduates of the Certified County Commissioners (CCC) program. The course content focuses on leadership with an emphasis on the future of Florida. Participants are tasked with preparing for the future by thinking and acting anew and asserting skillful leadership in times of daunting challenges and rapid change.

Organized as a series of three seminars, the ACC program is completed after 27 hours of total course work. Participating commissioners must commit to fully participate in all three seminars.
ACC Level II
ACC Level II is a new leadership program developed strategically for ACC graduates who seek to expand their education opportunities. ICG has collaborated with UF/IFAS Leadership Institute to develop this next level training that is designed to build upon the skills learned in the CCC and ACC programs. ACC Level II will give alumni an opportunity to develop the tools and skills needed to be strong versatile leaders and lead the way in transforming their counties and the state of Florida. Throughout the program participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Hear from experts on different sides of complex issues such as population growth, marijuana, and water management.
  • Develop the necessary leadership competencies to engage both their teams and individuals on all sides of an issue to enhance key human resource relationships.
  • Build a network of other leaders addressing excellence in their county, state and at the national level.
Political Training Program
The Political Training Program was created as an answer to many of our members who expressed frustration that counties were not well represented in the legislature; that too many anti-local bills were being pushed and supported by legislators who have little understanding of county government; that one solution to this problem would be to encourage more county commissioner to run for higher office, especially the Legislature.

The ICG turned to a political veteran, Sandy Mortham, to put together a forum that would help commissioners understand some of the obstacles and opportunities in running for higher office.

The program focuses on personal and political preparation for future service as an elected official and community leader. Ideal attendees for the program are commissioners or county staff who are interested in running for higher office, especially the Legislature. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Decide if they are ready to run
  • Organize a campaign staff and structure
  • Raise funds
  • Work with the media
  • Communicate with voters
Chairman's Program
The Chairman’s Program provides training on the duties, powers and responsibilities of the chair and vice chair leadership positions. The program also explores how chairmen can avoid highly predictable problems and make slight changes in behavior to most effectively run a county commission meeting. While this program is designed for board chairs and vice chairs, all commissioners will benefit from the training. Attendees will learn:

  • How to run a meeting
  • The importance of rules of procedure
  • Tips for building and maintaining effective relationships
  • Tips for becoming an effective communicator with the media and with the community.