While most expenditures neatly fit into one classification, others cannot be listed firmly within one categorical silo. The Other Uses & Non-Operating expenditure category captures this data which account for various expenditure transfers, disbursements, and reductions.

In FY 2017, Other Uses & Non-Operating expenditures accounted for 15.78% of all statewide expenditures for Florida’s counties, the third largest expenditure category. The statewide average percentage share was equal to 14.65%, when comparing Other Uses & Non-Operating expenses to all expenditures on a county-by-county basis. The total per capita spending for Other Uses & Non-Operating expenditures was equal to $340.43 per person statewide.

Other Uses & Non-Operating expenditures refer to spending for Interfund Transfers, Installment Purchase Acquisitions, Capital Lease Acquisitions, Payment to Refunded Bond Escrow Agent, Transfer Out for Constitutional Fee Officers, Clerk of Court Excess Fee Reductions, Non-Cash Transfer Out from General Fixed Asset Account Group, Other Non-Operating Disbursements, Extraordinary Items (Loss), and Special Items (Loss).