Under its Strategic Initiatives goal, the ICG aims to increase its footprint in a variety of areas that will benefit its member counties. Specifically, the organization will explore and/or implement the following:

  • Training: Develop new, relevant courses based on national issues and trends
  • Special Projects: Undertake special projects that benefit member counties
  • Grants: Identify and pursue grant opportunities
  • Emergency Response: Provide emergency response coordination at the State EOC
  • Partnerships: Develop key partnerships with organizations that can further the ICG’s mission
  • Funding: Pursue funding opportunities to help diversify ICG revenues
  • Federal Coordination: Support FAC’s Public Policy Department by providing primary federal policy coordination.

Recent Initiatives

ICG is partnering with Florida State University’s Department of Urban Planning on a project titled “Recommendations and Guidance on Intra-Regional Mitigation Planning Coordination and Social Vulnerability Assessment in the UD-MDI area of Broward County and Statewide.” The proposed funding source is from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (CDBG-MIT) allocation, as described in Public Law 115-123, and administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. According to DEO guidance, the ICG, as a co-applicant, must comply with the Public Notice Requirements (Section 3.5) of the Rebuild Florida General Planning Guidelines. The ICG notice can be found here.