Total VA Major Program Expenditures in Florida in 2016: $12,738,121,4188

Like most U.S. states, Compensation & Pension benefits account for nearly half of all VA program expenditures in Florida and constitute the largest single category. These benefits include compensation for service-connected disabilities and death, including dependency and indemnity compensation, as well as pensions for nonservice-connected disabilities for veterans and their surviving families. Expenditures on the other category capturing insurance and indemnity at just over $125 million include those made on death claims, matured endowments, dividends, cash surrender payments, total disability income provision payments, and total and permanent disability benefits payments. With more unique VA patients than any other U.S. state at 508,768 patients in 2016, almost 40 percent of VA program expenditures in Florida go toward medical care of veterans. The other category seeing over $1 billion spent in Florida is Education & Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment, which includes spending on adaptive equipment, vehicles and housing, and vocational training and educational assistance. Actual expenditures on major and minor construction projects of VA facilities accounted for the smallest category in 2016 at just under $100 million.
Source: Data compiled by FAC from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics at: