The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) represents the diverse interests of Florida’s 67 counties, emphasizing the importance of protecting home rule – the concept that communities and their local leaders should make the decisions that impact their community. Throughout the state, Florida’s counties provide vital public services and facilities such as public safety, fire and emergency medical services, jails, parks, libraries, healthcare, growth management, economic development, and roads to name a few.

The Florida Association of Counties conducts research for its member counties and the public at large. This research includes information and data pertaining to each of Florida’s 67 counties, including expenditures and revenues reported by each county to Florida’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research. Population data was taken from the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Florida (October 2017). County-by-county figures from all datasets are available for download at:

County governments—along with municipal governments and special districts—are required by Part III of Chapter 218, Florida Statutes to report Annual Financial Reports to Florida’s Department of Financial Services using uniform accounting practices and procedures. These reports include total revenues and expenditures for each local government, and represent fiscal years beginning October 1st of each year and ending the following September 30th.

The most recent year for which complete data is available is the 2016-2017 fiscal year.


Permits, Fees & Special Assessments
Intergovernmental Revenues
Charges for Services
Judgments, Fines & Forfeits
Miscellaneous Revenues
Other Sources


General Government
Public Safety
Physical Environment
Economic Environment
Human Services
Culture & Recreation
Other Uses Non-Operating

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